Affiliate program

Affiliate program

Are you a pet influencer, pet retail outlet, non-profit devoted to pet welfare, kennel, boarding/grooming facility, local humane society or other agent, broker or benefit consultant? If so, consider joining our affiliate program and earn extra income by promoting savings on pet prescription medications, flea & tick products and prescription diet foods. As an affiliate, you have the choice to promote Fetch My Meds’ program directly, or Fetch My Meds can white label discount cards with your personal branding. In addition:

  • You will be assigned a unique group number ensuring that all qualifying transactions made by your cardholders are properly credited to you.
  • Your cardholders will be able to download their savings card to their e-wallet, or they can print a paper copy.
  • Your card holders will have access to Fetch My Med’s proprietary medication price search engine.
  • Fetch My Meds will maintain a toll-free help line for your card holders.
  • Cardholders will show their cards (which include your unique group number) to the pharmacist when purchasing their pet’s prescribed medications.
  • When your cardholders make qualifying purchases at one of Fetch My Meds’ 65,000 network pharmacies, you will earn a commission. This is true for initial fills as well as for refills.
  • You will receive a commission payout each month for which your unique group number is used to purchase pet medications through the program.
  • So that you can track your success, Fetch My Meds will provide you a monthly claim count with your commission payout.


If you're interested in participating in our affiliate program please complete the information below.

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